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About Us

Advernet Africa is a youth-led tech organization that was founded in February 2019. Our main aim is to integrate startup initiatives, organizations, and entrepreneurs into the digital economy through diverse technology tools and skills. We are currently focusing on Research Analysis, Design & Development, Content Creation & Management, and Training/Mentorship.


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Research Analysis

Design & Development

Content Creation

Training & Mentorship

We leverage mixed-methods research in collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. Our insights and recommendations follow a design thinking approach and are more than 80% data-driven. We are currently doing projects run by researchers and startups globally

Design is a communication tool that allows interactivity and connections among human beings. Our focus is on graphic design for passing information to the world through posters, logos, profiles, customer feedback, and more. Our future prospect is on UI/UX design for better user maneuverability. We also collaborate with techpreneurs in developing and designing websites/web apps and mobile apps.

To pass viable and intentional information or message, it’s advisable to have the necessary content that is understandable. Also for a regular passing of information, a better plan and management are key. Our task is to create quality content in articles, advertisements, captioning, and subtitling. We also manage social media pages for startup organizations at customized packages based on the level of subscription.

Training is key in passing technical skills to junior associates, while mentorship helps them learn how to navigate through the sea full of thousands of careers. We have currently collaborated with various organizations in passing Data science & analytics skills to young professionals across Africa and the entire world at large.


What Our Clients Say


Do you have samples of some of your work?

Yes, we have available samples that have been granted permission to share by clients. This is for design work. Research analysis is mostly confidential unless published. You can always refer to our clients’ testimonials.

Is your training virtual/physsical?

Training is fully virtual except for situations where the client requests for physical training.

Ho do you charge for the various services?

Charges depend on the scope of work needed for the project to be successfully delivered. Once you share the project details then we discuss the workflow and finally prepare an invoice for you. Please note projects are paid in a deposit system or milestone system.

What is the deposit pay system?

This is where you pay a certain amount of the total as we begin the project then the rest is paid upon competition of the project.

What is the milestone pay system

This is mostly for large projects that have a longer workflow hence the project is splitted into sections. Payment is done after completion of each section.

our team

Meet The Team

John Maina
IT Specialist & Manager
Allan Macharia
Lead Programmer & Developer
Amos Mumo
Creative Director
David Nene
Founder - Advernet Africa
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