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Research Analysis

We leverage mixed-methods research in collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. Our insights and recommendations follow a design thinking approach and are more than 80% data-driven. We are currently doing projects run by researchers and startups globally.
This section is led and managed by David Nene who is an Associate Data Science & analytics Researcher.

Project Status

We have successfully completed 17+ research analysis projects with 3+ active clients. Some of our clients include Wahome Maina, Msc ( Capacity Building Specialist), Dr. Joyce Wangari, PhD (Psychologist & Research Mentor) and Ruth Mwangi, MBA (Psychologist)


Analysis is done seamlessly using modern tools depending on the scope of the project Tools frequently used include Python, SAS, Excel, MaxQDA, SPSS, STATA, and Google Analytics.


Data visualization is a key aspect of research since it summarizes the analysis for better interpretability and capturing insights. Design skills are highly used at this phase of the project so as to have the best storytelling basis. Tools frequently used include; PowerBI, Tableau, Excel, Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly.


Recommendations and Insights are documented during this phase. Point of view analysis is very necessary at this step to ensure the client’s problem is critically solved. Insights are documented and can be presented at a scheduled meeting as per the client’s request.


Design is a communication tool that allows interactivity and connections among human beings. Our focus is on graphic design for passing information to the world through posters, logos, profiles, customer feedback, and more. Our future prospect is on UI/UX design for better user maneuverability. We also collaborate with techpreneurs in developing and designing websites/web apps and mobile apps.
This section is coordinated by the whole team since design and development requires massive creativity from different angles of brainstorming. We handle the projects in phases releasing prototypes to be reviewed by users before deployment of the final product.

Project Status

We have successfully completed 40+ design projects with 6+ active clients. Some of our clients include; Eider Africa, Mustard Events, Stanley Nderitu, and Kui Gathanga.

Digital Design

Digital design is used in digital platforms for sharing of information or advertisement purposes. Examples include digital posters shared on social media platforms. Frequently used tools include; Adobe AI, Adobe Photoshop, and Canva.

Product Design

Product design is aimed at printing and branding purposes. This includes physical banners, posters, logos, and product information. Frequently used tools include; Adobe AI, Indesign, and Corel Draw.

Web/App Design

Web/apps are essential platforms for digital profiling of yourself or your organization. We develop quality and interactive platforms to showcase your profile.

Content Creation

To pass viable and intentional information or message, it’s advisable to have the necessary content that is understandable. Also for a regular passing of information, a better plan and management are key. Our task is to create quality content in articles, advertisements, captioning, and subtitling. We also manage social media pages for startup organizations at customized packages based on the level of subscription.
This section is led by David Nene in collaboration with techpreneurs in the communication industry.

Project Status

We have successfully completed +15 projects with +4 active clients. Some of our clients include Telesupervison, KPsyA, and Annabelle Gichure.


We assist in writing company articles, advertisement content and company profiles.

Captioning & Subtitling

We offer video editing services in embedding captions and subtitles. This project mainly targets people with hearing disability or people without knowledge of the language used.

Social media Management

We discovered that most entrepreneurs and startups have challenges in managing their social accounts. We offer social media management with additional graphic design for posters based on the client’s needs.

Training & Mentorship

Training is key in passing technical skills to junior associates, while mentorship helps them learn how to navigate through the sea full of thousands of careers. We have currently collaborated with various organizations in passing Data science & analytics skills to young professionals across Africa and the entire world at large.
Some of them include and

Projects Status

We have successfully completed +15 projects with +4 active clients. Some of our clients include Telesupervison, KPsyA, and Annabelle Gichure.

Project management

Project Management is a very essential skill in all fields of work. We provide training on how entrepreneurs can comfortably manage their multiple projects using Agile framework and modern software. Frequently used tools include; Jira and Notion

Data Science

We equip young associates with technical skills like Business analytics using python for data science, SQL, Excel, MaxQDA, PowerBI, Tableau, and advanced skills like Machine Learning for prediction models deployment.


We are looking forward to collaborating with interested organizations to launch Research and Development training which we believe is a very important tool in innovation and policymaking.

Work With Us

We are open to any interested individual or organization willing to collaborate on any of our projects. We believe partnership is key to infinite intelligence. Feel free to send your proposal to or contact David via +254725086023